Perennial Capital was founded on the belief that private real estate is an integral component of a diversified investment portfolio. We believe that opportunistic strategies are a particularly attractive segment of private real estate and have the potential to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns in various market conditions.  We attribute our track record to our information edge, the strength of our investment process and our deep knowledge of the private real estate asset class.


To understand exactly where to look for investment opportunities, Perennial Capital developed a dynamic, proprietary research platform that tracks real estate investment firms, property transactions and market activity around the world. This unique asset enables us to identify opportunities in advance of generally known trends and complements our on-site property visits and in-person due diligence.

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Our transaction-level evaluation combined with extensive and comprehensive process provide an advantage in selecting real estate managers and operators with execution skill to capitalize on the inefficiency in the asset class. We bring the rigor of fundamental analysis and research to the selection of individual investment opportunities.


Our strength in portfolio construction is an outgrowth of the firm's deep understanding of risk. Creating a strong portfolio structure also involves a strong knowledge of the drivers of return at the property and transaction level. Whether making an additional fund commitment or secondary purchase, or considering a co-investment opportunity, we carefully evaluate the risk and return profile of the investment and its impact on the entire portfolio.


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